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mark m. March 16, 2013
pastor me and my wife are homeless rite now and we're believeing GOD for an awsome move to allow us housing thats affordable and in a descent area of town and acceptance in the bellgrove theological seminary summer quarter
Rochelle R. Rochelle R. Post January 8, 2013
Please pray for my grandmother willa reynolds that is battling with many health issues.
Rochelle R. January 8, 2013
Pray for my daughter Asia Reynolds that she may find peace within and to come and have a relationship with God
Timiika C. Timiika C. Post May 27, 2012
Pray for my self in others around me I feel like am going through hard times and I dont know what to do are how to turn too but God and put it in his hands
Anonymous April 26, 2012
My brother is in Grant Hospital. The surgeon want to amputate his hand.
Tracy C. April 11, 2012
Pastor and the New Generation Family, we have a young mother that belong to our church that was in a serious Car Accident today (4-11-12). Phyllis Brown and her Fiance Lance is in the ICU @ Grant Hospital, and 2 of her children is in Nationwide Children's Hospital. Please everybody PRAY for this family. God Bless All.
Tracy C. March 19, 2012
To all my New G family, please keep my Aunt Jerri Edwards in prayer as she is admitted to OSU Heart Hospital today (3/19/12).
Demetrius P. g. March 15, 2012
I would desire prayer for all of our leaders that God has given stewardship. From our president to our preachers. Its not an easy task, but we can do all things through Christ that strengthen us... Blessings be upon you... IN JESUS' NAME...
Sharnai S. March 11, 2012
Pray for my father Edgar H Skinner jr. He is permanetly disabled due to a massive stroke he suffered in 2006. Pray for us, his family, as well. Thank you.
Christine M. February 21, 2012
Prayer request for my husband's healing of stage IV terminal cancer. Please pray Roy MacLeod's miracle physical healing is manifested very soon, he handles treatments, procedures and chemo with no problem and is able to return to a normal functioning lifestyle. Thank you Jesus! Thank you partners in prayer with us!
jonas t. January 3, 2012
Hi there i would like to talk with the pastor confidential matters. My email.
shawnte r. December 6, 2011
i would like to request prayer upond myself that i can get my life in order and stand before the Lord humble and rejoiced that i can stand firm in my walk eith God on this jurney to passing on his word in the name of the Lord at the age of 25 let good be the glory in jesus name God bless
Anonymous December 1, 2011
Pray for the lost that they may have a desire to know God!
Rita S. September 4, 2011
Please pray for our one year old son Michael who was diagnosed with leukemia yesterday at CHOP. He will be having a bone marrow biopsy on 9/6 and we are believing for a supernatural miracle. He was also diagnosed with Downs Syndrom at birth and we are believing for a miracle for that as well. Please agree with us in faith.
Thank you
Serge and Rita
Anonymous June 19, 2011
Iwould like to request prayer for my dad he had a bad stroke and a blood clot behind rigth eye and my sister haves cancer
thank you all and god bless
Quentin D. Quentin D. Post June 6, 2011
pray for me to get a ride to churh since no busses are running on sunday in Grove City,anyone coming my way can contact me @ 614-900-6562
Anonymous May 30, 2011
i will like to request a prayer too my familly every since my grandmother died it's like the whole family has been falling apart and she was the rock of this family the one whoo kept was all together.i really miss her so much.
sheyoshi l. April 19, 2011
I would like to request prayer for my grandmother and best friend Ethel Tatum battling cancer. Shes been in hospice since March 2011.
Thank you all
GOD Bless!

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